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“I am working my dream job,” Elisabeth said as she described being a part time Latchkey employee of the YMCA at Highland Elementary School in Hamilton. She started this work last year at Brookwood Elementary and has been enjoying it immensely. Elisabeth was a Project LIFE intern in the Fairfield Township program with Jake Krause as her instructor for both the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. She says these years taught her how to interview well, how to try things a different way if the first way doesn’t work, and, as her mother also attests, how to maintain professionalism. “I miss them all. Please tell them I say hi,” she said regarding the staff and interns of Project LIFE.

Elisabeth especially enjoyed working at the Thyssenkrupp Bilstein shock absorber manufacturing plant during her Project LIFE job rotations, but she knew she wanted to work with children after she began job development. She said that, after a few interviews, she was sure that this was what she wanted to do. She would love to continue working with the Latchkey program into the foreseeable future. When asked to share some advice with current Project LIFE interns, Elisabeth put it simply, “Follow your dreams.”