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Education. Experience. Life Skills.

Project LIFE is a comprehensive, multi-year transition program continuum in which students develop, practice and strengthen the skills that are high predictors of increased adult independence and successful, integrated community employment.

The Project LIFE program:

  • Meets the definition outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  • Offers a comprehensive data report to track student progress
  • Utilizes evidence-based practices
  • Documents positive employment outcomes

Two tiers of personalized preparation

Project LIFE offers two-course levels, giving students with diverse learning challenges the opportunity to learn and grow based upon their individual needs. A dedicated team of program leaders review applications and interview students to determine which class will best meet their needs.

Classroom instruction for both levels develop skills for:

  • Employability
  • Functional independence in the community
  • Independent living
  • Personal financial literacy
  • Self-advocacy
  • Social communication
  • Team building
  • Technology

Project LIFE 101

Project LIFE 101 builds the foundational skills that students need for employment and independence in adulthood. The program consists of:

  • 25% classroom instruction
  • 25% instruction in independent living skills
  • 50% job training experiences in a variety of community businesses

Project LIFE 201

Project LIFE 201 focuses on reinforcing the skills introduced in the first level, increasing the opportunity for success in Project SEARCH®. The program includes:

  • 25% classroom instruction
  • 75% job training experiences in a variety of community businesses

Instruction for both levels of Project LIFE include a transition focused course of study combined with authentic learning experiences designed to develop skills leading to integrated employment and a more independent adulthood.

"The biggest difference that we saw when Cameron started with Project LIFE, and then ultimately through Project SEARCH with Butler Tech, was his confidence. He started speaking and looking people in the eyes and having that confidence in himself that wasn't included in a classroom. He's actually out in the world."

— Vannessa Ives, Project LIFE Parent

Project LIFE Replication

A program worth repeating in your community

Project LIFE is impacting lives coast-to-coast. Designed by a team of special education and rehabilitation professionals and parent mentors, this proven program is 12 years strong and available for national replication. Bring Project LIFE to your community. 

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