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Brandon is the type of person who thinks of others before himself. He was eager to share the story of how many gifts he had purchased for his family this Christmas. “I love being an uncle. I spoil my nieces and nephews,” he said, his ever-present smile brightening.

Working as a dishwasher at the West Chester Hospital for the past five and a half years has been a joy for Brandon. He has made many friends and built a reputation as a hard worker. “Everyone helps each other here,” he said of the dish room. He especially enjoys taking out the trash because it gives him an opportunity to take a walk and get some fresh air.

Brandon landed his job current job immediately after finishing his Project SEARCH internship year at the same hospital. He participated in two years of Project LIFE, one in Ross with Jill Heanning as his instructor and one in West Chester with Mollie McIntosh. Mollie was also his Project SEARCH instructor the following year. Brandon says Project LIFE and Project SEARCH helped him learn how to find a job and make friends. His advice for current interns is to, “do your best, and hopefully you will find a job you like.”